Available courses

  • This course stabilizes and develop the skills of the student in typing accurate and proper, promote the correct use of ICT (Information Communication Technology) and provide an advance learning in terms of handling reports, this is to turn out the students to be more expert in field of working documents, presentation and accounting.

  • This subject will give students the chance to build a virtual scene, craft a simple story using a script or storyboard, translate their design into a program design, and create a 3D animation using an easy to learn programming language.
  • The primary goal of this course is to give students a taste of 3D world building, an introduction to the design processes, an introduction to coding in Alice, and most importantly to have a good experience that motivates them to want to build more.

  • The design and analysis of algorithms is central to computer science. This course will focus both on presenting general techniques for designing correct and efficient algorithms, as well as on formal methods for proving the correctness and analyzing the complexity of such algorithms. Also included will be an introduction to the theory of NP-completeness, whereby certain computation problems can be classified as being difficult in a formal sense.

Professional Ethics

Thesis 1